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The Rise of Baa Episode 1: Tarrenfall get's some visitors

Four adventurers appear in a dark and run down tavern, The Wild Boar, in Tarrenfall, a small town on the outskirts of the kingdom of Fairfallen, once powerful and rich, now a shadow of it's former self.

Unbeknownst to them, The Wizard Formerly Known as Tuna, Humph, Ron, and Ilsa, have all been summoned to this town, to help a mysterious benefactor.  Each was presented with a letter, with far too much details about their past, and told their best chance of finding what they were looking for was to meet each other, get an important relic from a nearby crypt and wait for more information from the benefactor.

After some awkward introductions and the realization that they all were given a similar, but different, letter, they decide to band together and investigate the crypt outside of town that the letters point too.

As they trek to the crypt, the party starts to talk among themselves, learning a little about each other.
Ilsa is a Teifling Paladin, on a mission to destroy an ancient staff of Fraz-Urbluu.  The demon corrupted her paladin guild, turning it into the Cult of Deceivers, Isla was able to get away and wants revenge.
The Wizard Formerly Known as Tuna, an Elf Wizard... is trying to find a greater meaning in the world, he has yet to find a true purpose, although he thinks very highly of himself.  He speaks of a rival, but does not explain further.
Ron, a human ex-militia cavalry, he's seen far too much of the endless wars between the people of Fairfallen, he's been on every side of every war after falling out of the Kings Guard.
Humph, ostrasiced from the dwarf homeland, living a life of a hermit, he has a lot of conspiracy theories, that must be why they ran him out of town, but it wouldn't explain why they sent trained assassins after him as well, maybe one of these theories isn't a theory.

Finally arriving at the crypt, the party enters, ignoring all signs and warnings of scouts, traps, and really anything that would tell you this might be a bad idea.  Once inside, after setting off every alarm they could find, they're confronted by a troop of golbins and easily defeat them.  Humph cleaving one in half with his battle axe, Ilsa pinning another to the wall with her pike, Ron showing an incredible aptitude with his thin rapier, and The Wizard Formerly Known as Tuna missing every spell he could possibly throw at them...

The darkness ahead is proving to be a problem, the solution, apply Light to an object.  The object our wizard decides to cast it upon is, of course, his purple hat.  This has now alerted the rest of the Goblins in the crypt.  As the combats continued and the party kept getting deeper into the Crypt, an odd trend started to happen.  The Wizard Formerly Known as Tuna would, in most cases, miss.  Ilsa would do a terrifying amount of damage to a creature, but never enough to kill it, while Ron would also do an extremely small amount and get the credit for finishing off all of Ilsa's attacks.  Humph was hit or miss, literally, either critically missing or one shotting all who dared to stand infront of him.

Getting near the final room, they decide the best way to check for baddies is to throw the hat with a light on it down the hall, with the Elf attached.  This effort lands the wizard directly in front of the Goblin Boss, who has been busy having a bath, naked, in the middle of the room, with 3 Goblins pouring hot water in.  He looks over and says "Aha, you finally came, he said you would come." The Goblin Boss jumps out of the bathtub, ties a towel around his waste grabs his club and runs for the wizard.  Humph goes into a rage and charges the room, Ron and Ilsa close behind.  After some brief posturing The Wizard Formerly Known as Tuna lands a direct hit, blowing the Goblin to pieces, except for his towel, which Humph promptly claims and wears.

They look around, and questions each other, who was the Goblin Boss referring too? The same person who wrote the letter? After some digging through bones and the like, the party finds it, an oddly heavy small golden rod, the length of a hand, long and skinny.  When held up, it gave off a faint pulse in a northerly direction.

Our group decides this must be what they came for and starts the two day trek back to the town of Tarrenfall.  A much deserved ale followed by a night in a comfy bed is in order.

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