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On "The Oscars" 2018

What an amazing night!  It was an absolute joy to watch.  Here's my hottest of hot takes.

The Clothes
This is pretty easy, Jennifer Garner in a cobalt Atelier Versace gown stole the show.  Lupita Nyong'o was stunning in another Atelier Versace gown.  On the men side, Jordan Peele was classy in Calvin Klein, while Armie Hammer's Giorgio Armani burgundy VELVET suit was to die for.  A very special mention needs to be made of Rita Moreno re-wearing her 1962 gown, with some small alterations to the neck line and additional of some regal looking jewelry, she was a bombshell.

The Wins
Jordan Peele !!! The first African-American to win best original screenplay.  Not only that, but this was his first screenplay and directing debut.  Saying that he "stopped writing it 20 times" before finally finishing it.  Personally Get Out was one of my favorite movies of last year, a great horror film, showing that Horror can be more than just b-movies.  Horror has always been the most progressive genre for film, from the original "Night of the Living Dead" to "Get Out".

Guillermo Del Toro for "The Shape of Water", best director and best film.  Amazing!  I wouldn't try to add anything on top of what he already said in his acceptance speech, if you haven't seen it, go now! It's a great example of two things, 1) The power of love and erasing walls. and 2) That no matter how good a minority or person of colour says something, there will always be a mediocre middle aged white man to try and get the last word in.

Allison Janney absolutely deserved her win, and had the best one liner of the show with "I did it all by myself".

Daniel Kaluuya was robbed, but I feel like he'll be back again and again, what a powerful performance.  He's such a great actor that I didn't even recognize that it was him in Black Panther too!

Frances McDormand had a wonderful and impassioned speech while accepting her Oscar, and a call for an Inclusivity Rider is exactly what the industry needs.  The only thing that will make them change (faster) is with powerful people putting it in their contracts.

And Sam Rockwell won too.

The Politics
I was actually surprised at how little discussion there was on it.  Other than a few notable instances mentioned above, and some great jokes from Jimmy Kimmel, it was fairly tame compared to other years.  There were some great call outs from some presenters "the 4 male nominees and Greta" that really showed how slanted the awards are, and that there is still a long way to go for women and people of colour in the industry.

Kumail Nanjiani had the best line of the night when talking about diversity and inclusion in movies.  "Some of my favorite movies are movies by straight white dudes, about straight white dudes. Now straight white dudes can watch movies starring me, and you relate to that, it's not that hard, I've done it my whole life.

Odds and Ends
- Jimmy Kimmel was funny!
- You can see who all the "cool kids" are by everyone who went to the other theater to hand out hotdogs to random movie goers.  THOSE are the people I would want to hang with.
- Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway presenting the best picture Oscar again was really cute.
- The speeches were short, a costume designer won a jet ski, and Helen Mirren sure looked like she had a great time.
- The vignettes proved once again why movies are so important and powerful.
- Give the stage designer an Oscar, that set was incredible.
- I was utter decimated in my Oscar pool, but it was still a great night of TV!

I can't wait for next year.

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